Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas

Austin, Texas
The new Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas offers the first-ever look at a trend-setting hospital that is groundbreaking not only in its design but in its commitment to the environment. Combined with a desire to celebrate the community and culture of Austin, Texas, the 169-bed hospital was designed to serve the medical needs of the community, to draw and to retain leading healthcare professionals, to efficiently organize the hospital’s program, and to provide an opportunity for future growth.

The building’s low, horizontal profile fits nicely into the surrounding area and sets the tone for the remaining acres of the brownfield site, formerly the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, upon which it was built. Inside, the use of courtyards and natural materials, indigenous to the 46-county region the hospital serves, provide intuitive wayfinding and reflect the unique landscape of the area. One of the most distinguishing green features is the use of an on-site Combined Cooling Heating Power Plant that produces energy more efficiently and reuses its by-products.
  • Size
473,000 sq. ft.
  • Cost
  • Specific Role
Building Life Safety Code Consulting and Permit Processing
  • Year Completed

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